Names and the Hyllethan language in the Hyllethan Gifts trilogy

dawn - languageWhen choosing Hyllethan names and stringing Hyllethan utterances, I deliberately played with the voiceless consonants (ch, f, k, p, s, sh, t, th [as in “this”]) and liquid consonants (l, r) to make up the words because I wanted to associate Hylletha with serenity and gentleness. This gave rise to the names Hylletha, Theis and Shael, among others, and to the Hyllethan utterance, “Maytha mess parthesar.”

Of course, there are Hyllethan names that do not follow this ‘rule’, as in Dracon’s name – but there is a reason why these names aren’t as ‘soft’ as others. More about this when book 2 is released. 🙂

When reading, how much does the choice of a character’s name affect whether you are drawn—or not—to the character?

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