Zy’el’s Pit in Dawn of Purple and Gray

dawn - zy'el's pitIn my last post I mentioned music as a means of entertainment and subtle manipulation in the Hyllethan world. But apart from music, playing Zy’el’s Pit is another way people in the three countries (Hylletha, the Inner Lands and Dragonia) pass the time.
The idea behind Zy’el’s Pit is loosely based on chess and the 4 X 4 sliding jigsaw puzzles I used to love as a child. Do you remember those? Making up rules for the revolving board game, checking to see if it could work and devising figurine counters was fun. It became even more so when I realised the game, and the moves the players make, could be interpreted as a metaphor of much of what was going on in the story. Of course it becomes more than just a ‘game’ at the end of Dawn of Purple and Gray
I’d love to know what readers think of this game and what other counters—apart from those mentioned in book 1—you’d imagine would be ideal for this game.

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