#2 Days of Wind and Snow

On the day of the release of Dawn of Purple and Gray, Castrum Press surprised me with another beautiful cover and the pre-release of book #2.  Days of Wind and Snow – book #2 in the Hyllethan Gifts series is available for pre-order from Amazon.com. The ebook version will be released on 17th January. 

Days - pre order 2Three crowns. Two power-hungry mages. One untrained girl standing in their way.

(If you haven’t yet read book #1 beware: SPOILERS ALERT!)

Book #2 takes us a month forward. Shael and her foster brother Andrey are now living in Hylletha. A ship arrives bearing an ambassador from her brother Iysel – the new king of the Inner Lands. In a shocking move, Andrey is kidnapped and taken back to the Inner Lands.

Armed with her limited knowledge of magic and the uncertain friendship of a dragon, Shael sets off to rescue Andrey. Shael faces intrigue and betrayal on all sides and can only rely on her wits and grit to distinguish between friend and foe—especially as magic is dying in the world.

Desperately, Shael searches for a way to save not only Andrey but the people of three kingdoms – even if it means losing the man she loves.


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