Worldbuilding a small town and its people

dawn - clay potsOne of the aspects I love about fantasy is the worldbuilding. The possibilities of changing aspects of lifestyle, beliefs, geography, everything really, are endless. And since the Hyllethan Gifts trilogy centres around three countries with four different peoples, their differences can lead to additional tension and conflict.

Book 1, Dawn of Purple and Gray, focuses on one of those countries – the Inner Lands. Here, people live in ‘castles’ which are built on hillsides and are made up of a series of fortifications with the lord’s keep at the top. Merecastle, Shael’s home town, is one of the smallest castles in the land. In all castles, a main Way follows the fortifications and creates a spiral round the hill, flanked by houses. Guarded gates help protect each tier.

The higher up one lives, the more well-to-do or important one is. So marrying someone who lives further up the hill is something a potter’s daughter should feel privileged to be able to do.

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