Diary of a (fantasy) writer

To develop the characters of my next noveldiary 4.png, I wrote a few lines on each to get to know them better, especially what they want and what they really need.
I find it very useful to find pictures/photos to help me visualise the characters better. This is one of the fun parts of the preparation stage. Photos and drawings trigger even more ideas about these characters. What I end up with is from one to more photos/images that bring out aspects of appearance, clothing and character. For example, I have a picture that is the closest I found to my idea of what the protagonist looks like (though she’s about ten years older in the picture). Another photo brings out the shade of skin colouring I need. And another image shows me how the protag will look when she’s wearing a veil. I didn’t even think she’d wear that item till I came across that photo.
For the antagonist I have just one photo of a face, but it brings out something very vivid of his mood and his internal conflict.
For another character I have three images showing his happy-go-lucky nature at the start of the novel and his more serious side that develops as a result of all that happens.
So in reality, the photos serve not so much to bring out what the characters look like physically but more precisely their overarching Mood, their Character and what makes them Them.

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