Tip 2: Writing Dialogue – using action to show who is speaking

Hi! How was your week? Hopefully, you’ve found the time to do some writing and maybe even tried experimenting with dialogue tags.

This week, I’m going to concentrate on one problem I face when writing dialogue: questions.

For example: “Hungry?” Jason asked.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m about to write ‘asked’ after a question mark I kind of think it’s silly. I mean, the question mark immediately tells the reader that the character asked a question, so, I prefer to avoid using ‘asked’. Instead, to show who is doing the asking, I mention an action the person did at the time.

For example:

“Hungry?” Jason dangled a piece of meat in front of the dragon.

You could also use this technique to avoid writing too many he/she said.

For example:

“It’s time,” the dragon said.

“I’ll never forget you.” Jason caressed the dragon’s snout.

That’s all for this week. Happy Writing! And if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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