Writing Dialogue – use s/he said

fantasy-2231796_1920What’s a story without dialogue, right? In most stories we have at least a couple of characters and at some point we need to write what they said, and show who is speaking.

The best way to do so is to add he / she said at the end of the utterance. I know it’s tempting to use variations of this, such as he exclaimed/ whispered / roared / shouted ….

For example:

“I’ll never forget you!” Jason exclaimed.

“I’ll never forget you,” Jason whispered.

But “I’ll never forget you,” Jason said is better because it’s invisible.  We just notice who is speaking and continue reading.

Then, if you want to show how the character said the words, you could describe an action.

“I’ll never forget you,” Jason said, caressing the dragon’s snout.


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